Tuesday, 29 August 2017

New Blog site

We have now moved our blog over to our new website www.fabricationcrafts.co.uk, which will be live from 1st June 2017

Please head over there to continue to read about our stockists and events

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

New seller round-up

If you've not been in the shop in the last couple of months then you're in for a treat with some of our newest sellers. Just when you think we stock everything you might need we go and add a few more...

Simone Crossland

Contemporary Artist Simone Crossland is renowned for her colourful floral canvases in an impressionistic style. Simone has extended her art into beautiful, bold and vibrant handmade coasters and clocks that are sure to create a stunning focal point and bring joy to your home or office.

Silver and Stone Jewellery Design

I’m Helen Drye, I design and make silver jewellery using sterling silver and PMC – precious metal clay.

I was originally employed in the public sector , I loved my job and was passionate about my work but when I had my daughter and returned to work, I increasing felt that I wanted to spend my time with her.  It was then that I developed my creative side more and more.  I wanted to make sure that she had creative opportunities as well as the usual school activities, but I also wanted to develop my own creative skills.  I started beading and creating my own jewellery, then I wanted to learn a bit more about silver work, and came across PMC and Silver Art Clay.  I had a session with someone who taught it and I was hooked! 

I developed my skills over the next few years and launched my own business in 2012.  I now sell my jewellery at a number of shops including Fabrication in Leeds. I found that running the Jewellery Making workshops gave me that sense of achievement and I’ve met lots of wonderful people.  I have found that we have lots of mums and daughters, and friends coming together – to create something new, to catch up and to treat themselves to some quality time together. 

Madeleine Phiri

Madeleine Phiri is a photographic artist working with traditional darkroom techniques and alternative photographic processes. These retro items here are shot on film and hand printed in the darkroom. They are hand toned to achieve archival quality. If you're into vintage and like these prints great - if you want more depth and a story then you're also in the right place. These items actually have a rather sinister background as they represent what the Stasi (secret police in former East German) has used to spy on people. 

The prints are 20x20" and cost £70 unframed or £135 framed. All prints are unique in their own right as there are discrepancies when printing by hand. All prints are signed and dated. A truly unique piece of art for your wall.

Sew Muffins

SewMuffins manufactures and sells safe and snuggly supplies for small pets, with a special focus on African pygmy hedgehogs due to their specific care requirements. Our items are suitable for guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats, tenrecs and other small animals - our items have even been purchased for geckos! We have been running for just over two years, and are based in our workshop in Chapeltown.

I started SewMuffins after I got my first hedgehog, Caesar, who is three years old next month. The business was born our of a desire to ensure her cage was safe and adhered to the correct care requirements. I have three hedgehogs: Caesar, Tzaritza, and Medli, who all help the shop by testing new product designs and modelling new items. Photos of Tzaritza in one of our Snuggly Huts can be found above our shelf in Fabrication.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Peeling off the layers - spring clothing

This is the time of year when you start to think in earnest about changing over to your warmer weather wardrobe. If you're anything like me, as you pull out the old summer favourites you can't help but long for some new things to add in to the mix, and if that's the case then our talented designers have produced some beautiful pieces that will help you refresh your wardrobe:

The long awaited collection from Ages of Elegance is inspired by 1930’s cruise outfits, and includes the following...

Fitted cotton Chinese style dress with button front and low back, available in a variety of colours £90.

Double layer cotton voile dress with smocking details, wooden butterfly buttons and wooden bead strap, £85 available in several colour ways and lengths.

Double layer cotton voile trousers with ribbon fastening £95 available in several colour ways and lengths.
Silk top with bead straps, £65

Full circle skirt with smocking detail and double layer £95 available in several colour ways and lengths.

And for the wee ones, Spider & Fly and Little Sewing Me have some gorgeous items fresh in store, some of which I wish came in adult sizes!

Vintage inspired pieces from Little Sewing Me...

And some beautiful pieces from Spider and Fly...


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Arty April

It's Spring Cleaning season, and what better way to refresh the look of your house than with some new artwork? Changing a few of the pieces that are hanging on your walls can really change the look of a room without all of the upheaval of decorating. Or, if you've already decorated, a well chosen picture can complete your room's new look.

We have a range of artists' work in the shop, with prices to suit all budgets, a selection of which are featured below.

Anna Urban, the talent behind Mesmerize Garden by Anna Urban, has recently finished this glorious large acrylic painting featuring a cottage garden meadow. An Impressionist-style painting featuring flowers and creatures such as butterflies, dragonflies, bees and ladybirds it would look great in any space.

Twice Fired has various pieces of fused glass artwork including this framed bird (£45)

Bethanie Yeong Papercuts creates unique handcut papercuts using a very sharp scalpel, ranging from tiny bikes to very accurate maps, including the London Underground map, just cut out!

Louisa Kemp's textured and experimental work is inspired by landscapes, skylines and architecture.

She also has a range of ceramic art pieces - tiny hand cast ceramic 'circles' with glass centres framed. Each ceramic piece is handmade in her own molds and is completely unique. Framed work is available in a variety of sizes and arrangements.

Artwork is also now available from Contemporary Enamels - pictures are made from glass fused to copper and each one is unique. Available in different sizes/frames. Prices from £20. 

And with all our sellers, bespoke orders are welcome!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter goodies

Easter doesn't have to be all about the chocolate (although if you get down to the shop quickly we have some beautiful easter chocs to tempt you!), we also have some beautiful items if you're looking to decorate your home.

Sara Gartside Designs has made some spring themed additions to her range of handpainted, jewel embellished, heart shaped keepsakes. Sizes start at 5cm wide for £6.50.

Or cheer up your breakfast time with these cute little egg-warmers...

If you like to give Easter cards, then these handmade cards by Emma Manners should go down well (£2.75 each)

And if you're looking for the perfect gift, how about these cute dryer balls from Little Beau Sheep?
Made from 100% wool these limited edition Easter bunny dryer balls come complete with a fluffy tail! Simply pop them in your tumble dryer and they will reduce your drying times by separating the layers of laundry, allowing the hot air to circulate. They also eliminate the need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they soften clothes naturally, increasing fluffiness and reducing static as the dryer tumbles. Simple. Natural.

Monday, 14 March 2016

New Product Round-up

Since our sellers have been busy since the start of the year coming up with new product designs for the shop we thought it was about time we showed off a few of them. All the products below have arrived in-store in the last couple of months, and one of them is even a shop exclusive!

Bethanie Yeong Papercuts has added these intricate pram glass papercuts, the perfect gift to welcome a new arrival:


These ponchos made from the 100% recycled wool of the Fab Blankets are a Fabrication exclusive by Rowan Tree Designs, and priced at just £30:

Emma Manners has started producing a new range of framed collages based on her popular card designs. Priced at £15, they use a range of handmade papers, photo images and stamped motifs:

This beautiful geometric jewellery and homeware is new from Twice Fired glass, and is joined by a black and gold range inspired by the microscopic world:

Zoe Barber has added some beautiful new pieces of silver and brass jewellery: 

And last but not least, kids number T-Shirts are now available in ages 1-9 from Font Not Found. Priced at £15 they are available to order in-store now:

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Leeds Independent Fashion Soiree

Launching LEEDS Fashion Festival, and in conjunction with the The Leeds Fashion and Craft Network, you are warmly invited to celebrate the work of the independent designers of Leeds with an informal event at Fabrication Crafts Leeds' independent department store on Friday 4th March, 6pm - 8.30pm.

We'll have special festival cocktails, make overs, massages and lots more
! Confirmed designers taking part so far are:

Ages Of Elegance
Bo Carter

Butterfly Beading
Chic-y Cow
Gwein Reid
Isaac Ava
Jewellery By Trudy
Luana Poerio
Magnolia Restrepo
Merry Band of Plague Doctors
Oh Frances 
Pattern Passion 
Rowan Tree Designs
Tess Tickle's Treasures
Twice Fired 
Urban Fox
Zara Mia Ava
Zoe Barber

While the event is free numbers are limited, to book your place please go to eventbrite.

For more information please see the facebook event